Limited Scope Representation

Limited Scope Representation, also referred to as “unbundling” or “limited services,” refers to one specific legal service, rather than a full package of divorce support from start to finish.

Sometimes, a client just needs help with a prenuptial agreement, a child custody plan, or perhaps a modification to parenting time. At these times, a divorce lawyer steps in to help with a particular matter and, once resolved, moves on.

Limited scope representation can focus on child custody or co-parenting consulting as well as other issues
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This can mean that a divorced person does not return to the lawyer who helped them through the divorce. Maybe they want a different perspective or style in post-judgment matters. That’s OK!

Transitions Legal can help with single-issue divorce matters at any point on your journey.

Limited scope representation is a flexible, convenient, and cost-effective approach to resolving issues related to family law and divorce.

We provide the following services as part of our limited representation offerings:

Limited Scope Representation can mean writing a settlement agreement or a letter
  • Divorce consulting
  • Negotiation consulting
  • Writing a Settlement Agreement or Judgment of Divorce
  • Document preparation
  • Letter writing
  • Co-parenting consulting
  • Child support or spousal support analysis
  • Legal discovery
  • Mediation facilitation

Clients interested in limited services will schedule an initial consultation. There, we will assess whether a traditional lawyer arrangement or limited representation is appropriate for your case.

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