Alisa Peskin-Shepherd is an approved Mediator in the state of Michigan. Mediation is different from the act of practicing law in that the Mediator becomes a neutral third person whose role is to help the parties discuss and try to resolve their dispute.

Mediating parties come together to articulate the issues they’re facing, discuss the interests of each side and develop understanding around the varying perspectives and feelings around the pressing issue. From there, guided by the Mediator, they can share information that will help to discover ideas that can lead to resolution.

Courts can mandate cases to go to mediation, and divorcing parties can choose to mediate on their own. Mediation is a voluntary process; parties are not required to come to agreement, although that is the goal of Mediation.

A mediator has no power to make a decision for the parties. However, good mediators help parties find a resolution that they can both live with and agree to.

Most mediations begin with everyone gathering together for an exploratory session, where the issues are laid out and the terms of mediation explained. The mediator will describe the process and explain her role, establishing ground rules for how to move forward.

If the parties reach an agreement through mediation, the mediator can help articulate the agreement into written form, which may be enforceable in court.

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