Limited Scope Representation

Limited Scope Representation, also referred to as “unbundling” or “limited services”, is a designated legal service, rather than the full package of traditionally offered services. There are certain family law matters where full legal representation is unnecessary. Limited scope representation is often a flexible, convenient, and cost-effective approach to getting specific legal representation relevant to your situation.

We can provide the following services as limited scope representation:

Limited Scope Representation
  • Divorce consulting
  • Negotiation consulting
  • Settlement Agreement or Judgment of Divorce
  • Document preparation
  • Letter writing
  • Co-parenting consultant
  • Child support or spousal support analysis
  • Discovery
  • Mediation facilitation

At your initial consultation, we will assess whether traditional representation or limited scope representation is appropriate for your case. For further information regarding the concept of of limited scope representation, call (248) 290-0560 or send us an email.

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