Collaborative Parties

Collaborative Family Law involves the divorcing parties and their Collaboratively-trained attorneys, along with a team of other Collaboratively-trained professionals invested in guiding the couple to peaceful dissolution. Such participants may include financial planners and CPAs, who help create budgets, offer spousal and child support suggestions, review property divisions and weigh in on other financial matters. Such specialists look at the parties’ financial circumstances from the unique perspective of divorce, understanding potential tax ramifications and financial considerations.

After you divorce, life will be different. Just how different, exactly? And how will it affect your relationship with your children?

Mental health professionals are involved in the role of Coaches or Case Managers, guiding and supporting divorcing spouses to manage anxiety, conflict and other normal, divorce-related emotions so communication can remain effective and respectful throughout the process.

A mental health professional may also contribute to the team as a Child Specialist who brings the voice, needs and perspective of the children into the process. In some situations, a child may want to be heard separately or a parent may have a particular concern. The Child Specialist meets with the child, specifically addressing his or her needs. This further focuses and supports the parties in developing a resolution that truly meets their children’s needs.

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