How It Works

When a couple agrees to divorce through the Collaborative Process, each spouse finds a collaboratively-trained attorney and they sit down together to map out the process. The parties review the important issues of this particular divorce, and all participating parties sign a Collaborative Participation Agreement agreeing to adhere to the Collaborative Process.

While some divorce cases seem to evolve into battlegrounds where each spouse wants to emerge victorious with the most parenting time, money and property, Collaborative Divorce does not promote the idea of winners and losers. Instead, it is motivated by a shared desire to maintain cooperation, dignity and respect while working together to develop creative outcomes. If you can imagine a “win-win” situation in a divorce, this is it!

Collaborative agreements require full disclosure of information and financials, along with a good-faith involvement of a fluid family schedule and no behind-the-scenes hiding of assets or other rogue tactics that can complicate a divorce and diminish trust.

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