Guardian Ad Litem

In 2018, Transitions Legal added Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) services to its roster of offerings, to help support vulnerable individuals who need a voice in court.

Transitions Legal’s GAL services assist Oakland County and Macomb County judges, aiding individuals, including children, deemed legally incapacitated or developmentally disabled. These vulnerable individuals are often in need of someone to make good decisions on their behalf or manage financial situations responsibly.

guardian ad litem services give a voice and representation for vulnerable parties
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What We Do

A Guardian Ad Litem offers insights into a legal case by assessing whether an individual has the ability to make legal or financial decisions for themselves. Our attorneys review court filings and interview the individual in question along with the petitioner, family members, and professionals involved in the person’s life.

Armed with complete information, the GAL makes an official recommendation to the court about the individual’s ability to make informed decisions.

“Transitions Legal added Guardian Ad Litem services to our menu of offerings because we wanted to expand the ways in which we could help people make smooth and effective transitions in their lives,” says Alisa Peskin-Shepherd, Transitions Legal founder and principal divorce lawyer.

guardian ad litem services can protect children in court
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GAL recommendations carry great weight in court. Judges rely on trusted GALs to advocate on behalf of an individual who needs a clear, strong voice representing them. GALs assist judges in deciding the best outcome in case when an individual in the case is unable, for whatever reason, to represent their situation.

Giving Back To Our Community

“While this may not be a lucrative pursuit, it is a meaningful one and our firm is dedicated to truly helping people in their time of need,” says Alisa. “I have always been dedicated to giving back to the community. It embodies all that this firm stands for.”