Celebrating The Big Days

May 11, 2018

With Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, wedding season, graduations and more on the horizon, it’s a good time to talk about what it means for divorced parents to work together. Think about if you are a teenager about to graduate high school, facing an uncertain future with college, career, love and adventure ahead. Your parents live… more

Married & Counting

May 1, 2018

What makes a successful marriage? And what makes a marriage a failure? Getting divorced does not necessarily mean a marriage failed. It could have run its course. It could have served a purpose for less than till-death-do-we-part. I’ve worked with clients who were married for decades – 20, 30, 40 years. They raised children. They… more

Tax Changes & Divorce

April 17, 2018

The new tax code isn’t making it easier for couples divorcing. It’s only going to get harder. The biggest question is alimony and whether a divorced spouse can deduct spousal support in his or her taxes. The short answer is: after December 31, 2018, alimony will not be a write-off for the person paying it… more

Support Can Keep Us Together

April 8, 2018

It was uplifting to read this article in a recent edition of The New York Times to validate what I’ve always known: in order to succeed in our relationships and in our parenting, we must have support. Of course, when it’s two Olympic medalist-moms in question, many officials will move mountains to make their athletic… more

Lights, Camera, Divorce!

March 9, 2018

Flipping through the channels on TV the other day, I saw an ad for a new sitcom called Splitting Up Together on ABC. Co-produced by Ellen DeGeneres, this show is set to premiere March 27th, the premise inspired by a Danish sitcom (Bedre skilt end aldrig). Splitting Up Together presents Lena (Jenna Fischer) and Martin… more

International Women’s Day

March 6, 2018

March 8th is International Women’s Day, and I’d like to celebrate. First and foremost, I am a woman in business, leading a business of women. I have women working for me and with me. I help women (and men!) through some of the toughest times of their lives. International Women’s Day is a global day… more

Protecting Our Children: Thoughts on Parkland

March 1, 2018

I am so angry, upset, emotional, sad and so many other emotions in the wake of the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida recently. Forget the issues related to gun control, or which side you fall upon. I’m upset because the same thing happens again and again: a tragic shooting,… more

Online Disharmony

February 26, 2018

Recently two clients came to me who were ready to divorce their spouses. Both had met their partners online. Both wanted out, saying they didn’t realize information about their respective spouses early on. While some online dating sites don’t require much information, there are sites which purport to be more careful with vetting to lead… more

Going Solo

February 12, 2018

I’ve been a solo practitioner for some years now, and I am truly glad I took this big step. Yes, it’s hard being in private practice, with all firm responsibilities on my shoulders. But it’s also more rewarding, too. I recently read an interesting blog post on LinkedIn by attorney Anissa C. Hudy, who practices… more

Divorce isn’t the End of a Family

February 2, 2018

Divorce isn’t the end of a family. It’s the end of a nuclear family. It’s the end of a family in the same house. It’s the transition to a new definition of family. The words in italics came from the amazing actress Mayim Bialik in this video, where she speaks candidly for the first time… more